About us

The start

PD-Steel Hungary Kft. was founded in 2009 with the aim of distributing construction products made out of fine steel sheets and lightweight building systems, while also keeping the actual market needs in mind.

Soon a number of professional demands arose, therefore - beyond the traditional goods trade - we also provide a substantial amount of engineering and consultancy work.



According to our initial guidelines, the company focuses on both industrial-agricultural and domestic projects in order to provide the buyer/investor/contractor with the best conditions to obtain high quality products.

Our company primary deals with the distribution of coating materials which are used for the building or renovation of industrial halls, agricultural storage facilities and private buildings.

Our product range includes low and high ribbed trapezoidal sheets, PUR foam, sandwich panels filled with rock-wool, potted plates, steel purlins, gutters, flat plates and all the necessary accessories - screws, gaskets and light roof elements.

Our extensive product portfolio is not only combined with reasonable prices and reliable quality, but our suppliers are also the biggest domestic and foreign manufacturers. Our expertise, based on many years of experience, provides the guarantee for our quality work. We only sell high quality products that are galvanized - thereby ensuring long durability.



As of today our main activity became the comprehencive building construction from design to putting in operation, covering all parts of the facility. All that include the followings: Architectural works (demolition, structural construction, coating, construction of suspended floors and ceilings, plastering, surface coating, iron works, carpenter works), HVAC work (water, ventilation, heating, cooling, isolation), as well as electrical works (low-voltage, high-voltage) and building-automation works.


Office buildings  - Offices - Family houses - Shopping centers  - Schools - Hotels  - Sport centers - Industrial facilities - Industrial halls


Management and Engineering Services

  • Management and business management consulting, 
  • - Construction project managemen
  • - Building design, Interior design, Landscape Architecture
  • - Authorisation
  • - Technical management
  • - Supervision of the building process
  • - Technical verification
  • - Financial-economical monitoring
  • - Warranty issues


PD-Steel Hungary Kft.

1131 Budapest, Topolya street 4-8. 1st floor 103.
Tel./Fax: (1) 780-8568