Our activity

General construction and main construction in the building industry

Projekc Management and Engineering Services

Management and business management consulting

Construction project management

- Building design,

- Interior design,

- Landscape

- Architecture

- Visual design 

- Permitting

- Technical management

- Supervision of the building process

- Technical verification

- Financial-economical monitoring

- Warranty issues


We offer a full service package for the design and official permitting of buildings, while also collaborating with the required specialists. Our profile also includes rendering visualization and planning of the interior design of buildings.


Human solutions

When should you make use of our services?

In every planned or unplanned situation when the following problems arise:

- Occasional or temporary lack of specific construction skills and/or lack of adequate management experience

- Quick   and/or   temporary   replacement   of   insufficient resources

- A task that requires special construction expertise, experience, professional leadership

- Management and co-ordination of unusual, unique projects.


Main aspects of our services:

    - Limited in time

- Helps mainly in the successful solution of a given problem or task

- Responsibility and competence is fulfilled within the given company's own task and responsibility hierarchy

- Integration of an experienced, external specialist

- Extensive management, industry-experienced group of professionals

- Full scope of problem solving methods within a given task


Benefits of our service

Indirect project management

- Elimination of „operator” type of contracts, direct contact with the subcontractors doing the actual work

- Direct access to the realization projects at any given time

- The possibility for real-time and direct controlling

- Financial discipline and independence during the course of the whole project due to the elimination of the multi-stage subcontractor structure


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